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Silt was good for the egyptians because silt gave them good soil. The crops also grew quickly.

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It helped the egyptians soil be rich so their crops could grow.

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It was important to farmers because it gave them something to grow crops in and it helped them grow

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Q: Why was silt important to early Egyptian farmers?
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What allowed Egyptian farmers to grow a variety of crops?

Silt deposits from the Nile and a long growing season allowed for a variety of crops.

How did silt help farmers?

silt helped farmers by giving them the fertile soil to grow their crops in.

Farmers benefit from mineral rich and silt called?

Farmers benefit from mineral-rich dust and silt called _____.

Why were Egyptian farmers more fortunate than the farmers of Mesopotamia?

Egyptian farmers were more fortunate than Mesopotamian farmers because the Nile River flooded predictably every year, providing fertile silt for farming. In Mesopotamia, farmers relied on unpredictable Tigris and Euphrates River floods, which could be destructive. Additionally, Egyptian farmers had a more centralized government that managed irrigation systems, while Mesopotamian farmers had to rely on local city-states.

Why was it important for ancient farmers to control the Huang River What made it hard for them to achieve their goal?

because of its silt

How does silt benefit farmers?

It gives farmers fertile soil.

Why was it important to the Egyptian's that the Nile's flooding was consistent?

because they got silt and farming was there only help and this is not very specific

Why did my early early farmers settle in river valleys?

Well one reason is because, it provided silt for the crops.

How was the Nile's flooding a great help for early civilizations?

It was because when the Nile flooded, it left behind this fertile soil called silt. The farmers used this silt to produce crops. When a civilization has enough food, it thrives.

What other advantage did Egypt location provide for early Egyptian?

For early egyptians their land provided them with good soil to grow crops, the nile gave them the silt and they were pretty good traders

What other advantages egypts location provide for early Egyptian's?

For early egyptians their land provided them with good soil to grow crops, the nile gave them the silt and they were pretty good traders

What yearly event brought fertile soil for Egyptian farmers?

The yearly event was the flooding of the Nile River. As the river flooded, it deposited nutrient-rich silt onto the surrounding land, providing fertile soil for Egyptian farmers to grow their crops.