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Eos, the Greek goddess of the dawn was described as having rosy fingers because during the dawn the sky appears "rosy" or aflame with the rising of the sun (who is her brother Helios).

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Q: Why was the Greek goddess Dawn described as having rosy fingers?
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Why is the Greek goddess Dawn described as having rosy fingers?

When the sun rises at dawn, it is red tinged.

Why is the Greek goddess Eos described as having rosy fingers?

Eos was goddess of the dawn, and the ancients probably imagined her painting the sky with it's rosy hues every morning.

What is the greek goddess Hestia known for?

She was the goddess of domestic life, which is often described as hearth, home and family.

Who are the main Greek goddesses in Greek mythology?

Some Greek goddesses included Chaos (who was never described as having a form), Gaia (Mother Earth), Thesis (some say she is the daughter of Chaos), Nyx (goddess of night).

If you were having a bad hair day which Greek God or Goddess would you go to?

You would probably go to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Beauty and Love.

What is the Greek Goddess of Corn is?

The Greek goddess of corn is Demeter, the harvest goddess.

What was greek goddess chlris's symble?

There is no such Greek Goddess.

Who was the goddess of the moonof greek?

who is the goddess of themoon of greek

Does the Greek God Erebus have wings?

He was sometimes described as having the wings of a bat.

Is Athena the Greek Goddess?

Yes, Athena is the greek goddess of wisdom.

Who is the Greek goddess Demeter?

Demeter is the Greek goddess of earth and harvest.

Who is greek god or goddess of the earth?

I believe the Greek Goddess's name is Gaia.