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Q: Why was the middle kingdom a turbulent period in the history of Egypt?
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What is Egypt's history divided into?

The division usually made is: Old Kingdom period, Middle Kingdom period and New Kingdom period, the Intermediate and Late period and finally the Ptolemaic period.

Did the third dynasty began the period in egypians history called the Old Kingdom?

The 3rd dynasty began the Middle Kingdom period in Egyptian History.

The definition of the middle kingdom?

The Middle Kingdom was the period in the history of ancient Egypt between 2000 BC and 1700 BC.

What are the three priod in nile valley divided?

The three traditional periods in the history of Egypt are: The Old Kingdom (2700 - 2200BC); the Middle Kingdom (2050 - 1750BC); the New Kingdom 1550 - 1050). These were followed by the Amarna Period , and the Late Period.

What was the period of the Middle Kingdom Period of Reunification known for?


Who controled Egypt between the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom period?

I did

Who controlled Egypt between the Middle Kingdom and the new kingdom period?

I did

What is another name Egypts Middle Kingdom is known by?

The Middle Kingdom of Egypt is also known as The Period of Reunification.

What are the dynamics in Egypt?

Predynastic Period Early Dynastic Period Old Kingdom First Intermediate Period Middle Kingdom Second Intermediate Period New Kingdom Late Period Greece-Roman Period

What was another name for middle kingdom of Egypt?

The period of reunification

Use era in a sentence when it is a noun and means a period marked by character?

The apartheid era was a turbulent time in South Africa's history.

Why did Egypt experience a period of change during the middle middle kingdom?

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