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There are not only twelve Olympian gods and goddesses; there are many other Greek deities.

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Q: Why was there only 12 gods of Olympus?
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Did all greek gods live on mt Olympus?

No not all Greek God's live on Mount Olympus. There are minor gods like Hestia and Janus. They do not live on Mount Olympus, only the major 12 do.

What did the 12 greek gods do?

they protected mount olympus.

What do Greek gods do if they are an Olympian?

The Olympians are the 12 main gods. They are children of the Titans. They are named for the gods' residence, Mount Olympus.

Is Mount Olympus in heaven?

no it is the Greeks gods home- no mortals go there, it is only a land for gods and demi gods.

Did dead Greeks go to mount Olympus?

no, only gods and goddesses

Are the titans the gods of Olympus?

No, the Titans were not the gods of Olympus. The were sort of the generation before them. The Titans were the Elderly Gods.

What was the significance of Mount Olympus in mythology?

It was the home of the 12 main gods (the Olympic gods).

What was home of the most powerful gods?

Mt. Olympus.All the gods lived on Mount Olympus

What did the gods feast on at mt Olympus?

Apparently they only ate ambrosia nectar.

Which goddess live in mount Olympus?

GaeaHestiaDemeterHeraAthenaArtemisAphroditePersephone******AthenaHestiaDemeterHeraArtemisAphroditeThat' s all.Persephone and Gaea didn' t live in Olympus. In mount Olympus were living only 6 gods and 6 godesses and they were the main gods of ancient Greece.

Do the Greek Gods Live?

12 of them on Mt Olympus, Poseidon in the sea, Hades in the Underworld, etc.

Why did Zeus welcome Hermes to Mt Olympus?

Zeus welcomed Hermes to Mount Olympus because Hermes was his son, born to the nymph Maia. Hermes was also known as the messenger of the gods and had special powers that were valuable to the other gods on Mount Olympus.