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Because they find well imformation that is very ancient

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they were the first people ever to study history. Without them, we probably wouldn't be studying history today

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Q: Why were greek historians so important?
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Why is Thucydides important?

Thucydides is important because he is one of the great Greek historians. Thucydides recorded the Peloponnesian war and the outcome of the war.

Who was one of the greatest greek historians?

Among the greatest Greek historians are Herodotus and Thucydides. They are some of the most famous historians of Greece.

Dentify the men who were known for writing Roman histories?

The men who wrote Roman history were historians. Some of them were Roman and some were Greek. Earlier historians were Fabius Pictor, Cato the Elder, Gellius, Piso, Polybius (Greek), Livy, Sallust, Dionysus of Halicarnassus (Greek), Diodorus Siculus (Greek) and. Important later historians were Pliny the Elder, Josephus, Tacitus, Suetonis, Appian (Greek) and Cassus Dio (Greek). Important historians in late Antiquity wereAurelus Victor, Eutropius, and Festus.

Why are pompeiis buildings and artifacts so important to historians?

Because historians want to know what happened so they can learn all about it :)

What was the difference between greek historians and olympic games?

greek historians and olympic games read their poetry

Why was Sutton Hoo discovery so important to historians?

the discovery was so important because they were looking for this forever

What was the relationship between the Greek historians and the Olympic Games?

greek historians read their poetry allowed at the ceromonies at the olympic games

Who were some famous greek historians?

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Why did the discovery of thr rossetta stone help historians study hieroglyphics?

The Rosetta Stone had three different languages one of which was Greek, and another was hieroglyphs. Historians already knew Greek so they used it to sort of decode the hieroglyphics.

What was one of the greatest Greek historians?


Why are the greek columns so important to the people?

The Greek columns were so important to the people, since it provided them a temple and a memorization of people back then.

Why is evidence is important to historians?

so then they can back it up with something if people don't believe them.