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Ivan Olinsky perhaps

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Q: American artist famous for painting his neighbors daughter?
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What is Shotgun Hospitality?

It is a painting painted by a American artist Frederick Remington in 1908.

Which American artist became famous in England and in one of his paintings he depicts his neighbors daughters?


What is the name of the artist who painted pretty eyes the painting of an African American child?

Pretty Eyes - Artist Tom McKinney

What American Artist Painted the accompanying painting entitled Breezing Up?

Winslow Homer.

What has the author Deborah Epstein Solon written?

Deborah Epstein Solon has written: 'Colonies of American impressionism' -- subject(s): American Painting, Artist colonies, Exhibitions, Impressionism (Art), Painting, American 'An American Impressionist'

Which American artist is known for his use of action painting?

Jackson Pollock more than anyone else.

How do you find an artist to a painting by the paintings name?

Very often you can just google the name of the painting and find the artist. what if you don't have a title on your painting?

When a painting by a living artist is sold at auction at for example Sotheby's does the artist get a cut?

Whoever owns the painting will 'get a cut' as you put it. If the artist owns the painting (not sold it off to someone else) then he will get paid.

What popular American singer has a 24-year-old daughter who is also a recording artist?

gg allin

Why was the painting white on white so famous?

American artist Robert Rauschenberg created five "White Paintings" in 1951.

What artist sign is painting that begin with the letter E?

the artist sign of painting that begin with letter E as in elephant

Is or was Marco Rubio a painting artist?

I have a beautiful painting he did in tallahassee.