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bretts art making process involved "relaxing" in front of a canvas ( because he was restless everywhere else" and then often painting straight onto the canvas out of themes of life in his head

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Q: Brett Whiteley - What was his art making practice?
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Did Brett Whiteley enjoy art in school?

Brett Whiteley did enjoy art in school that's why he became an artist

What is the importance of Brett Whiteley's art?

brett whiteleys art is impotant because he painted it him self and they all mean somthing to him and that he loved painting and drawing

What has the author Brett Whiteley written?

Brett Whiteley has written: 'Brett Whiteley - recent paintings and drawings' -- subject(s): Catalogs 'Paris' -- subject(s): Paris (France) in art 'Another way of looking at Vincent van Gogh, 1888-1889' -- subject(s): Catalogs, Influence

Did Brett Whiteley enjoy art at school?

yes he did because if he didn't he wouldn't of become a famous artist

What art movement did Brett Whiteley start and how long did it last?

he started what is called the Contemporary art movement and it has lasted since the 60's and 70'suntilnow.

How many times has Brett Whiteley won the Archibald Prize?

twice in 1976 and 1978 Brett Whiteley causing controversy with his Paintings.Brett Whiteley TitleSelf portrait in the studioMediumoil, collage and hair on canvasDimensions200.5 x 259cmWinner: Archibald Prize 1976Whiteley followed this win with an even more expressive work in 1978: Art, life and the other thing, a triptych that explored three issues -- the status of photographic representation in portraiture, the Dobellcontroversy and the representation of Whiteley's own battle with heroin addiction.In 1978 Brett Whiteley won the Archibald, Wynne and SulmanPrizes all in the same year, the only time this has happened. It was his second win for the Archibald and the other prizes as well.

What art movement did Brett Whiteley belong too?

Whiteley belonged to the movement usually referred to as 'Julius Caesar' This is due to him being obsessed with Caesar, often stating "I wish to conquer the world and build a shrine to Caesar, I do this through my art." This was a very common movement throughout the 1950s.

What is the Opera House by Brett Whiteley?

The Opera House is a famous painting sold all over the world. And it is used by art assignments all over the world as world!

What is the painting of Brett Whiteley famous of?

Brett Whiteley was famous for numerous paintings- particularly his entry 'Self Portrait in the Studio' which won the Archibald prize in 1976. He was again successful in securing the prize in 1978 with his painting 'Art, Life and the Other Thing'. He has also been noted for his controversial piece 'The American Dream' which he created as a result of the anger he felt towards the American society during the Vietnam War.

Is Brett Favre building a house in Orange Beach Al?

It's not Brett Favre's house. It is Art Favre's.

What is the meaning to Brett Whiteley's self portrait in the studio?

Like a number of other major paintings of this period inspired principally by Matisse, it exudes a sense of sumptuous living and the liquid presence of the harbor through what Whiteley called 'the ecstasy-like effect of Ultramarine blue'. His tiny, mirrored self-portrait also reflects the tendency of Eastern art to portray man as merely part of a larger landscape. However this painting also hinted at a darker side as Wendy Whiteley explained in 1995: "... he was warning himself and other people watching. It was the cage of his interior, his addiction, the window or a glimpse of possible escape into paradise: the escape from one's psyche." (Australian Art Department, AGNSW, 2000)

Is Art Favre married?

Art favre was brett's dad and he is now dead. His widow is bonita