Brett Whiteley Opera House

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Brett Whiteley is known for painting a picture of the Opera House in Sydney, Australia. He painted it in the year 1982.

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Q: Brett Whiteley Opera House
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What is the Opera House by Brett Whiteley?

The Opera House is a famous painting sold all over the world. And it is used by art assignments all over the world as world!

What medium is used in the painting opera house by Brett Whiteley?

Oil, canvas, cardboard, collage, shell and ink on board

What made Brett Whiteley draw the Sidney Opera house in 1982?

Coming back to Australia after his trip to paint other things all over the world, he was fascinated by the Australian outback especially the Sydney harbour and so he did several drawings related to it and 'Opera House 1982' just happens to be one of them Learn how to spell SYDNEY.

What is the name of the opera house?

The name of the opera house is The Sydney Opera House

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Opera is performed in the Sydney Opera House

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The Sydney Opera House is the famous opera house in Australia.

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