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L.S Lowry did not have any brothers or sisters

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Q: Did LS Lowry have any brothers and sisters?
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Was Ls Lowry a sad man?

ls lowry was a girl

What was LS Lowry's full name?

LS Lowry's full name was Laurence Stephen Lowry.

Why did LS Lowry choose to draw and paint what LS Lowry did?

because he was inspired by life

Where did ls lowry study?

LS Lowry studied at the Manchester School of Art from 1905 to 1915.

What does the ls in Ls lowry stand for?

Laurence Stephen

Who was LS Lowry?

A painter

Who did LS Lowry have an influence on?


Does LS Lowry have a first name?

Laurence Stephen Lowry.

Did LS Lowry have any children?

He had no children.

What nationality was LS Lowry?

He was English.

How and where did LS Lowry?

sicknes and home

What was ls lowrys moms name?

LS Lowry's mother's name was Elizabeth.