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The artist Roy Lichtenstein used them, they were his trademark.

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Q: Did Richard Lichtenstein include ben-day dots?
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Does the dots that roy lichtenstein use have a name?

Yes, the dots that Roy Lichtenstein uses are his signature mark and are called 'Benday Dots'.

Which artist first made use of the Benday technique?

It cannot be said with any certainty who was first. The most famous user of Benday dots was Roy Lichtenstein.

What patterns did Roy Lichtenstein use?

ben-day dots , primary colors , and comic strips

Who invented dots in pop art?

Benday dots, which are popular in pop art and are the trademark of Roy Lichtenstein, were invented by an illustrator named Benjamin Day from the United States.

What are the dots in pop art called?

The dots commonly seen in pop art are called "benday dots." These dots are used to create shading and tone in a printed image, and were popularized by artists like Roy Lichtenstein. Benday dots are named after illustrator and inventor Benjamin Henry Day Jr., who patented the process in 1879.

Facts about Roy Lichtenstein?

he was anAmerican pop artist he was born on October 27th 1923 he died on September 29th 1997 from pneumonia the dots he used to style his work are called benday dots

What did John Kraft use in his paintings?

he used benday dots

What materials did Roy Lichtenstein use?

He uses bend-day dots and acrylic paints

How does Lichtenstein use his color is his work?

he uses dots :)

Why did Lichtenstein use dots in his art?

Some decades ago all newspaper pictures were printed in dots, which were barely visible. When enlarged the were clearly seen, just as in Lichtenstein's paintings.

What are the three key features of roy lichtenstiens work?

comic like theme, benday dots and bright colours to name a few.

In early pop dot paintings roy lichtenstein used what to paint the dots?

a stencil