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banksy has no brother or sisters


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Q: Does Banksy have any brotheres or sister?
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What was the name of the wright brotheres?

Wright Flyer

Does Banksy have any questions on WikiAnswers?

Absolutely. This one, for example.

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I met banksy at a place in Hollywood CA he was selling his shirts and pictures on canvas. Even though he did not admit it he was BANKSY he was from the uk and had the same build from Exit Through the Gift Shop. He had spraypaint on his fingers and he told me everything about the painting I bought from him. He said banksy just came to LA and that he would not be suprised if BAnksy had a art show coming up soon! I think it was banksy and all of my friends even if he wasnt he was a cool guy but he was banksy. THERE IS GOING. TO BE I DON'T KNOW DATE THOUGH

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Banksy is not dead yet

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Banksy was born in 1974

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Banksy is called the same in French.

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Banksy isn't dead.... He is a recent artist.

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yes banksy is one his graffiti of teddy bears is zoomorphic

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How about Banksy?