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Using a purple headband and long wooden staff to defeat his enemies.

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Q: Donatello-how is my work similar or different from other artists of the renaissance?
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What is the relationship between artists and patrons during the Renaissance?

During the renaissance, patrons commissioned many different works of art for many different reasons, be it political propaganda or something similar. The relationship between patrons and artists was clear; the patrons held all the power, decided what was to be painted, in what style and by what date. However, as the renaissance moved through into later periods, artists gained more prestige and began to go against their patrons. Famous artists began to paint what they wanted, disregarding their patron's instructions. Overall, for most of the renaissance, patrons were well above artists in the relationship although this power balance shifted slightly later on.

What are the similar between renaissance and impressionism?

look on a different site

Do french and Italian Renaissance paintings look similar or different?

To a trained eye they look different.

How was northern renaissance art similar to and different from the art of the Italian renaissance?

The art of the Italian and Northern Renaissance shared similar qualities, but also had its differences. As the Italian Renaissance focused more on a rebirth of classic Greco-Roman culture, the art of the time was based off of classical mythology and included famous classic philosophers. In Raphael's School of Athens, Aristotle and Plato are featured in the center of the school. On the contrary, the Northern Renaissance art was characterized by domestic interiors and portraits. Northern Renaissance artists, starting with Jan Van Eyck, began to use different mediums, such as oil paint, to create the art of the movement. The two different eras share a commonality in art through religious themes throughout the art. Christian religious stories and figures were the predominant artistic theme in both times.

What are some similar artists to Martin Wittfooth?

Belle and Sebastian are the similar artists to Martin Wittfooth.

How are the renaissance and reformation similar?

they were jewish

How are these sculptures by Early Renaissance sculptor Donatello and High Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo similar?

They are similar by the way they're life-like.

How was Renaissance art similar to classical art?

it had perspective just like renaissance art.

What are the Renaissances?

The Italian Renaissance and the Harlem Renaissance. "The Italian Renaissance and Harlem Renaissance occurred in completely different regions of the world, involved completely different people, occurred in completely different time periods, but are not that different from each other. They share similar causes, developed similarly, share common characteristics, leaders, and both had an insightful effect on future civilizations. Although the Italian Renaissance and Harlem Renaissance are separated by a 500 year timerange and involve completely different people and cultures, there are many similarities that bond the two movements together."

Which art movement is the Renaissance most similar to?

The Classical movement is most similar.

What are some artists similar to The Residents?

There are a few artists who could be considered similar to The Residents. A few of these are Snakefinger, Tuxedomoon and Throbbing Gristle. Another is Captain Beefheart.

How are your lives similar to the lives of the people of the Renaissance?

they were similar because they both worked hard