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Capture human emotions on canvas .

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Where was expressionist art used?

Do you mean: Where was it painted? There were expressionist painters in France, Germany, Norway. Their ideas then spread to painters in other countries.

What were expressionist painters concerned with communicating?

ganster 300

Expressionist painters writers and composers used what to assault and shock their audience?

deliberate distortions

Who is Ensor Rothko?

Ensor Rothko is an abstract artist. Rothko was a large part of the movement of American painters and he eventually became known as an Abstract Expressionist.

Were artists successsful with Expressionism?

The expressionist groups attracted much attention. They were signposts for the development of Modernism. Many of those painters are among the most admired even today.

Painters were trying to?

Capture human emotions on canvas .

Does any one have information on Lazaro Lozano oil paintings?

Lazaro Lozano (1906 - 1999) is recognized as being one of the most important Portuguese expressionist painters of the 20th century.

What style of painter was Edvard Munch?

He was an expressionist painter.An expressionist.

Expressionist music is generally thought of as?

expressionist music is generally thought of as

What is the average cost per square foot for painters?

How much is the cost per square foot for painters on the Exterior portion? I am trying to pay 00.20 cents per foot. Is that a correct assumption?

What actors and actresses appeared in The Expressionist - 2007?

The cast of The Expressionist - 2007 includes: Justin Garner as The Actor

Why did Marc chagall became interested in expressionist art?

Marc Chagall became interested in Expressionist art when his friend Guillaume Apollinaire introduced him to Herwarth Walden. Walden was a German Expressionist painter.