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Fredrick was a famous artist

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Q: For what was Fredrick McCubbin famous?
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When did Fredrick mccubbin die?

of a heart attack

For what was Frederick McCubbin famous for?

Frederick McCubbin is famous for his work as an artist. He was from Australia and is considered a key artist in the country's visual arts history.

What has the author Frederick McCubbin written?

Frederick McCubbin has written: 'The art of Frederick McCubbin'

For what was Frederick McCubbin famous?

Federick McCubbin was an Australian artist and art teacher born in 1855. He was a key member of the Heidelberg school. He painted large scale works of Australia's pioneering history.

What is the birth name of Russ McCubbin?

Russ McCubbin's birth name is Julian Russell McCubbin.

When was Henry McCubbin born?

Henry McCubbin was born in 1942.

When was Sandy McCubbin born?

Sandy McCubbin was born in 1886.

How tall is Russ McCubbin?

Russ McCubbin is 6' 5".

What has the author John C McCubbin written?

John C. McCubbin has written: 'The McCubbin papers' -- subject(s): Biography, History

When was Robert McCubbin born?

Robert McCubbin was born on 1902-06-16.

What is Frederick McCubbin famous for?

Born February 25, 1855, he was an Australian artist of note. He died on December 20, 1917.

What characteristics made Fredrick Douglass famous?

his butt