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You cannot, but is a big help, and so is 'Olga's Gallery' on the web.

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Q: How can you know for every artist where each of his works is exposed?
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What were the names of the artist who creaded these two painting and when was each painted?

what were the name of the artist who creade these two paniting and was each painted

How do you identify an artist who doesn't sign his work?

Painting style, brushes used, texture, canvas type, subject matter, colors, and medium used. There is always something distinguishable about each painting if a well known artist painted it.

Who is the most realistic artist in the world?

This is impossible to say, unless you have seen them all. But I have a personal favourite: Henk Helmantel, a Dutch painter. Click link below! And you can click on each picture to enlarge. Have fun!

Who is Luiza Vizoli?

Luiza Vizoli is a contemporary self-taught artist living in Minnesota. All the paintings are her original designs, hand-painted one-of-a-kind works of art on gallery wrapped canvas. Mainly abstracts, landscapes and flowers done in oils and acrylics, mostly large scale and multi-panel pieces. Her original modern artworks are in private and corporate collections in USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, the United Kingdom, South America and Australia. Her customers describe her artwork as "beautiful, cheerful, energetic"... " Gorgeous images, rich, textured colors, marvelous details and that splendid intangible that Luiza Vizoli's paintings always carry with them: a belief, motive, or instinct that each next step in life can be beautiful, if you just attune your mind to it. You can enjoy her artwork in her online gallery store using the link in the related links section below.

Where is famous artist James Eagles?

I do not know where he is but I would like some information on his art, I have an oil painting of an Indian shield with a buffalo skull and the top of the shield and on the lower part of the shield there is a buffalo. it has painted feathers 4 on each side and triangle designs on the shield. there tomahawks on each corner and different designs all the way around the border. I do not know where to get it appraised if anyone has some ideas please let me know.

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Could you show me a Rococo painting and a Baroque one?

Click the links below to see works by Rococo artist J-A Watteau and Baroque artist A Carracci. Each picture can be clicked to zoom.

What is the most likely reason literary critics compare the works of artists and authors who focus on the same subject matter?

By identifying differences between the works, literary critics can determine each author's or artist's unique perspective.

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What describes the works for which you will need to create a works-cited list?

each and every source you refer to in your essay

What were the names of the artist who creaded these two painting and when was each painted?

what were the name of the artist who creade these two paniting and was each painted

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What is the pay rate for Deadmau5?

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Which sources will you need to create an entry for in your works-cited list?

B. Each and every source you refer to in your essay.--apexx

How much do you pay an artist?

Each mounth they get 110.

Is it better for the artist to buy CD's from a record shop or buy from itune's?

Each artist will have their own contract with their record company so the details will differ for each one but in general it probably will not make a lot of difference where the music is purchased from as the artist will receive a royalty payment for each purchase.

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