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Arthur Lismer was born in 1885 in Sheiffield, England. At the age of thirteen he developed his painting skill at a photo-engraving company and he was awarded a scholarship. In 1898 until 1905, Lismer attended the night classes for Sheffield School of Arts. In 1905 he moved to Belgium to study art at the Academie Royale. Lismer settled in Toronto, Canada in 1911.

that where he met the rest of the members of the group of seven and in 1919 he was officially declared as one of the members. Technically he became an artist the moment he developed his skill which was at the age of thirteen.

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Q: How did Arthur Lismer become an artist?
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When did Arthur Lismer die?

Arthur Lismer died on 1969-03-23.

Who is Arthur Lismer?

He is a painter

What was the cause of Arthur lismer's death?

Arthur Lismer passed away due to a heart attack on March 23, 1969 at the age of 85. Lismer was a prominent Canadian painter and a founding member of the Group of Seven, known for his contributions to Canadian art.

What was Arthur Lismer's primary type of artwork?

Arthur Lismer was primarily known for his work as a painter, specifically for his contributions to the Group of Seven, a collective of Canadian landscape painters. Lismer's artwork often focused on capturing the natural beauty of the Canadian landscape through vibrant and expressive paintings.

When was Arthur Hughes - artist - born?

Arthur Hughes - artist - was born in 1832.

When did Arthur Hughes - artist - die?

Arthur Hughes - artist - died in 1915.

What has the author W A Lismer written?

W. A. Lismer has written: 'Bookbinding constructions for senior schools'

When did Arthur McIntyre - artist - die?

Arthur McIntyre - artist - died on 2003-10-26.

When was Arthur McIntyre - artist - born?

Arthur McIntyre - artist - was born on 1945-10-31.

Who were in the group of seven?

The Group of Seven were artists who joined together in Toronto shortly before WW1. The original members of the group were Franklin Carmichael, Lawren Harris, Arthur Lismer, J. E. H. MacDonald, A. Y. Jackson, Frank Johnston, and Fred Varley. An eight artist, Tom Thomson, also worked with the Group of Seven.

Who were the seven canadien members of the Group of Seven?

Tom Thomson, J.E.H MacDonald, Arthur Lismer, Fredrick Varley, Frank Johnston, Franklin Carmichael, In 1913 A.Y Jackson, Lawren S. Harris

What artists make up the group of seven?

Tom Thomson, J.E.H MacDonald, Arthur Lismer, Fredrick Varley, Frank Johnston, and Franklin Carmichael. In 1913 A.Y Jackson, and Lawren S. Harris joined the group.