How did Diego Velazquez die?

Updated: 8/20/2023
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The cause of death was given as a fever.

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Diego Velazquez was 61 when he died.

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Q: How did Diego Velazquez die?
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What type of painter was Diego Velazquez?

The type of painter Diego Velazquez was Baroque.

Who did Diego Velazquez believe in?

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El greco and Diego velazquez were famous for?

Diego Velazquez, and El Greco were both very famous Spanish artists.

What was Diego velazquez nationality?


When was Diego Velazquez knighted?


Who painted ls Meninas?

Diego Velazquez

What period did Diego Velazquez live in?

Diego Velazquez lived in the Baroque period.But I don't know the time or style, so don't ask me............D:

Who was the first governor of Cuba?

Diego de Velazquez

What is the famous painting by Diego Velazquez?

Las Meninas, 1656.

Can you give me a short biography about Diego Velazquez?

See link!

Did Diego Velazquez ever paint on velvet?

Don't you believe it!!!

Who painted spanish picture of las meninas?

Diego Velazquez