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with detail and accuracy

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Q: How do paintings done in the style of renassiance naturalism depict objects?
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How do paintings done in the style of Renaissance Naturalism depict objects?

With detail and accuracy.

How do paintings done in style of renaissance naturalism depict objects?

With detail and accuracy.

What was the purpose of Navajo paintings?

They are symbolic representations of a story in Navajo mythology. They depict objects like the sacred mountains where the gods live.

What is the similarity of china and Japan's scroll paintings?

Both the scroll paintings have less naturalism and more objectivism. These paintings do not depict or try to be closer to realism, infact they are made using ink colors with black or darker outlines. The color scheme is very subtle, cold colors are used. They are more like comic strip sketches.

Which of the following statements describes the Naturalist paintings of French artist Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin?

the depiction of objects with a sense of realism

Ajanta paintings depict scenes from the?


What is the similarity between early man's art and tribal art?

the early men depicted the paintings of animals and the tribals also depict the paintings of animals.

What do the paintings on the wall and ceiling of the Sistine chapel depict?


What do early cave paintings from the gupta priod depict?


What did the eighteenth-century Spanish-American casta paintings depict?

Casta paintings depict the Bourbon ideal of racial blurring. They depicted mixed-race people in idealized terms and colonial social life. The paintings with race mixture emerged in the eighteenth century.

The main goal of the mannerist artists was to depict what in their paintings?


The main goal of Mannerist artists was to depict what in their paintings?