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Google last name!

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Q: How do you find the first name of a painter?
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What is first name of the painter Widfory?

William Widgery or Gunnar Widforssare the only similar painters' names I can find.

What painter's first name was Salvador?


What is the painter Manet first name?


What was painter Rubens first name?


Who was Hiroshima bosh painter?

I can't find any such painter - check the spelling of the name and ask again.

What is the First name of french painter Cezanne?


Who is manfred landscape painter first name unknown?


Who is the French impressionist painter with the first name Camille?

Camille Pissarro.

What is the birth name of Kim Painter?

Kim Painter's birth name is Kimberly Painter.

How do you find out about an artist or painter?

If you want facts about them or their work you just google the name.

What is the birth name of Lance Painter?

Lance Painter's birth name is Lance Telford Painter.

What was the first name of the Austrian painter Gustav?

Perhaps you mean Gustav Klimt.