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Q: How does The Transfiguration of Christ painting by Giovanni Bellini create emotion?
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Look at the Transfiguration of Christ by Giovanni Bellini. This painting creates emotion largely through the use of?


How does the painting of the transfiguration of Christ by Giovanni create emotion?

Light. color

How do painters gave meaning to their painting?

They add a message or emotion to their work.

Look at this painting by Rogier van der Weyden. The composition of this painting conveys a sense of?

intense emotion

Can a painting change your mood?

Theoretically speaking, the painting itself can't, but it can trigger memories or thoughts that lead to an emotion. Such as the scream. You might remember a particularly scary or stressful time invoked by the eccentric emotion depicted.

Why do artistes use color?

artistes use colors to show there emotion of the painting

What did da vinci use to demonstrate to enhance the emotion of a painting?

geometric composition

How did van der weyden's painting differ from those of other artist of his time?

He incorporated emotion into his compositions (apex)

How can aggression emotion and moods be shown in painting?

It is called Expressionism. Click link, scroll down and see some expressionist pictures!

Briefly describe two renaissance advances in painting styles?

1. They posed in lifelike ways 2. Their faces expressed emotion

The work by Rogier van der Weyden the composition of this painting is intended to?

have a strong emotional effect...

Does oil or water colour paintings radiate positive energy?

No, there is guarantee that oil or water color paintings will radiate positive energy. However, it is possible that after you look at a painting of this type, you could feel a positive emotion depending on the subject of the painting.?æ