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I am sorry, I would not call him a mannerist. Early Baroque, great chiaroscuro painter, very often provocative. Mannerism is usually defined by distorted figures, unrealistic color, exaggerated poses etc (as e.g El Greco).

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Q: How is Caravaggio an example of mannerism?
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What has the author Gilles Lambert written?

Gilles Lambert has written: 'Le Caravage' -- subject(s): Painters, Biography, Mannerism (Art) 'El Guardian del Desierto' 'Caravaggio'

How do you use manner in a sentence?

The word "mannerism" is used to describe distinctive speech or behavior. An example of a sentence using the word "mannerism" is "He had a very unique, eccentric mannerism. "

What art movements are closely associated with reformation?


Who did Caravaggio have kids with?

Caravaggio had no known children.

Where did Caravaggio get his name?

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was born in Caravaggio near Milan. We know the artist simply by the name Caravaggio, which is the name of the town in which he was born.

How can you use the word mannerism in a sentence?

I'm not so sure I approve of that mannerism.

Who was the leader of mannerism?

The artist most well known for their use of mannerism is Michaelangelo.

What statement best describes Caravaggio's approach to painting?

Caravaggio painted in a style called Mannerism. He is most recognized for the intense use of chiaroscuro and strong diagonal lines in his work. His work is also considered realistic. His paintings are in a class of their own, quite masterful and very moving. He worked during the late Renaissance and many consider him to be the father of the Baroque style of painting.

What is Mannerism?

my grandaughter has been diagnosed with having a mannerism she is 18 months old any ideas To have manners - NO that is to be well mannered! (don't know who said mannerism is to have manner especaily sinnce you can't be diagnosed with "having manners,") _AsdogGeek A mannerism is a behavior or habit that a person keeps on doing without even thinking about it," one example given is har twirling, lip chewing rocking and hand flapping may also be mannerisms- ASDogGeek

What is Caravaggio's birthday?

Caravaggio was born on September 29, 1571.

When was U.S.D. Caravaggio created?

U.S.D. Caravaggio was created in 1958.

What did Caravaggio invent?

Caravaggio was an artist, he invented pieces of art.