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Chuck was on the island for four years

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Q: How long was Chuck Noland on the island?
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Who is Tom Hank's character in Castaway?

In the 2000 adventure drama movie Cast Away, Tom Hanks played Chuck Noland who was a FedEx employee stranded on an uninhabited island after his plane crashes in the South Pacific. Hanks was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role Oscar.

Is there a real Chuck Noland?

The film Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks as Chuck Noland, is based on a true story but weather or not that was his real name I do not know. Some one once suggested Noland as in no land because he was on a deserted island on his own. Where the land was not know to be there.

What company does Chuck Noland work for in Cast Away?

Can i have a picture of him ****Tom Hanks plays Chuck Noland.

Who is Harold Spalding?

Chuck Noland's dentist

Who is chuck noland's girlfriend in the movie cast away?


What would Chuck Noland have done with Wilson if he had not lost his volleyball at sea in 'Castaway'?

He would have brought it back with him and kept it as a souvenir from his days of being stranded on the island.

Why did Chuck Noland Tom Hanks' character in Cast Away have to leave in the first place?


Where is chuck noland's island?

near the end of the film the character of Helen hunt, shows a map where Chuck as found and she talks about the cook islands that sits next to Australia. the plane, to divert the storm moves away from its original route between Moscow and Tennessee falling near the cook islands.

What is the name of the dentist in Cast Away?

there isn't a dentist in cast away. chuck Noland himself is the dentist. he uses a shoe and a coconut to get his tooth out!

What character does Helen Hunt play in Cast Away?

AnswerIn Cast Away, Helen Hunt plays the wife of Tom Hanks' character (Chuck Nolan). While he is on the island, she gets remarried to Chris Noth's character, because she believes that Chuck is dead.AnswerThe above answer is wrong. Helen Hunt plays Kelly Frears. Chuck Noland and Kelly were never married. Chuck gives Kelly an engagement ring right before he gets on his doomed flight.

Is idance le anywhere on long island?

is idance le at chuck e cheese

What is the birth name of Kenneth Noland?

Kenneth Noland's birth name is Kenneth Clifton Noland.