How many 'Blue Boy' paintings are there?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The 'original' one by Gainsborough exists in only one copy. It is in the Huntington Library, San Marino CA, USA.

If other artists have painted blue boys I do not know.

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About 1770.

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Q: How many 'Blue Boy' paintings are there?
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Who is Thomas Gainsborough?

Artist. Painted Blue Boy and other paintings. A total of over 300 paintings.

What kind of paintings did Sophie Pemberton paint?

little boy blue.

How do you know if your little boy blue and pinkie paintings are originals?

Unless you own The Huntington Library in California then you do not own the originals. What you do have are some of the many reprints that were created of the originals.

Why is blue boy and pinkie popular?

because of their art and their resourceful paintings and all the beautiful treasure they have found and regaurded

Where do you find Karl Wilhelm Gropius paintings?

I have a painting by k gropius, Pink Lady and Blue Boy, what do you know of this artist?

Why was the blue boy painted?

'Blue Boy' paintings exist by artists: Linda Apple, RD Roccoboni, Brian Cravenho, Byron Tik, l.h.boroson

I have pinky blue boy there on a metal lead to something paintings on the front says it’s a reproduction but how much value will that still holds?

The answer is I have also

What is a turner wall painting of blue boy worth?

The famous painting entitled 'The Blue Boy' is an oil painting by Thomas Gainsborough. It is currently in the Huntington Library in San Marino, California and is not for sale. Paintings on the level can sell for millions when put to auction.

Who painted the paintings of pink period series?

Pablo Picasso painted the paintings of the pink period series also known as the rose period.

Who was the artist who had a bunch of blue paintings for a while?

Picasso's blue period was 1901-1904.

When was The Blue Boy created?

The Blue Boy was created in 1770.

What colors did Mondrian us in his paintings?

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