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Q: How many children does Fernando Botero have?
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Is Fernando Botero Mexican?

No he is from Colombia.

How did Fernando Botero's son die?

he died in a car accident. Botero was also injured

When did Fernando Botero die?

he is still alive

What was the name of Fernando Botero's uncle?


In what year was Flores by Fernando Botero painted?

In 1988.

Why did Fernando Botero paint The Family?

Fernando Botero painted "The Family" as a result of his upbringing and culture. He often used obese figures in his art because it was a form he liked.

Is Fernando Botero married?

Botero was twice married and twice divorced. He has a daughter. A son died at an early age.

Who was Fernando Botero's wife?

sofia vari, an Italian sculptor.

Why does Fernando Botero draw round people?

Call it his style, if you like. Many people find his paintings faxcinating. I do.

What is the famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero uncles name?


When did Fernando botero draw the Mona Lisa at age 12?


What did Fernando botero rename is parody or Mona Lisa to?

Just Mona Lisa