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Three different kinds of paints are generally used by artists, these are Watercolours, Oils and Acrylics.

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Q: How many different kinds of paint are there?
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How do you faux paint a wall?

theirs many different kinds a faux painting

Which substsnce is use in varnishes and paints?

Many different substances are used. There are hundreds of kinds of paint.

Can you change caps on spray paint?

You can on many of them, but not all. There are 3-4 different kinds of caps and are not interchangeable.

How use paint?

There are many kinds of paint available in market these days and it really depends on where you will be applying your paint. Each place or material has its specific kinds of paint.

What is painting used for?

There are different kinds of paint. Mainly, paint is used to cover a surface, whether for the purpose of colouring it, protecting it or treating it.

What is raw paint made from?

There are many kinds of paint. You don't say which.

What are the different kinds of paint?

watercolor and acrylic are the only ones I knoe of

I have twins,are there any double paint sets available?

RoseArt is what you want for this, they offer several different kinds of paint sets.

What are the ingredients for satin paint?

There are different kinds of satin paint - you'd have to know if it was latex, oil, enamel, alkyd etc.

Where can one find information on different kinds of color wheel paint?

One can find information about different kinds of color wheel paint at a hobby shop. The color wheel paints should be located in the art or painting section.

How many different kinds of Lamborghini?

There are about 30 different kinds

What is the thinner for epoxy paint?

There are different kinds. The relevant one is always mentioned in the instructions on the side of the can.