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Q: How many sculptures did donatello make?
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Which artist is known for a series of sculptures of the Biblical figure David?

Donatello made two. Did anybody make more than two?

How is the philosophy of humanism reflected in Donatello and sculpture David?

it's style was influenced by ancient Greek and Roman sculptures

How many sculptures did phidias make?


How are these sculptures by Early Renaissance sculptor Donatello and High Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo similar?

They are similar by the way they're life-like.

What was Donatello's favorite quote?

Donatello's favorite quote is not known specifically, as it would depend on his personal preferences. He was a famous Renaissance artist known for his sculptures, including David and the bronze doors of the Florence Cathedral.

What is remarkable about Renaissance artist Donatello's sculpure of David the biblical sheperd who slayed Goliath?

David is nude, unlike the other sculptures of the era.

How many sculptures did Barbara hepworth make?

over 45

How was donatello influenced by the beliefs and values of renaissance society?

Donatello was influenced by the Humanism movement of the Renaissance, which focused on the importance of human potential and reason. His sculptures reflected a revival of classical ideals, portraying human figures with naturalism and emotion. Donatello's works also often celebrated secular themes, reflecting the growing emphasis on individual achievement and humanism in Renaissance society.

Where is the saint George sculpture located?

Many artists have created images and sculptures of St. George. A famous work is one by Donatello, marble, sculpted about 1416, kept at Museo del Bargello. There is also a bronze copy in Orsanmichele, Florence.

How much does a sculptures make per year?

It depends on how good your sculptures are!!

How many siblings does Donatello have?


Did Andy Warhol make sculptures?

other artists made reproduction sculptures of his paintings. but, he did not make them himself