How old is Julian opie?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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52 this year (2010)

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Q: How old is Julian opie?
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How old was the artist Julian opie?


Who influenced Julian Opie to paint?

how did Julian opie get in to art

What is the name of Julian opie's wife?

Julian Opie's wife is the British artist Aniela Opie.

What were the names of Julian Opie's parents?

Julian Opie's dad is named Roger Opie and his mum is named Norma Opie.

Who were Julian Opie's parents?

julian Opies dad is named Roger Opie and his mum is named Norma Opie

What month in what year was Julian Opie born?

Julian Opie was born in 2012

What was Julian Opie's wife called?

Julian Opie's wife is named Annette.

What has the author Julian Opie written?

Julian Opie has written: 'Drawings, 1982-1985' -- subject(s): Exhibitions 'Daniel yes, Christine, no' 'Julian Opie @ Meymac' 'Julian Opie' -- subject(s): Exhibitions 'Julian Opie' -- subject(s): Exhibitions, German Portrait prints, Portrait prints, German

What was the name of Julian Opie's father?

Roger Opie

Where is Julian opie working?

In London somewhere this is also where he was brought up.

Who is Julian opie married to?

in staffordshire in England

What gender is Julian Opie?