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I happen to be lucky enough to have 3 of his watercolor paintings and he also was my great uncle. Unfortunately, I have no idea of what his paintings are worth but I can give you a brief synopsis of Harold S. Brecht.

He was born in Lancaster County, PA, on July 22, 1892 and died in Aug 21, 1980. A graduate of the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Art and the Chicago Art Institute and he lived most of his life in the Lancaster and Reading areas of PA. He taught art, wrote short stories, and plays and his water colors were in a number of exhibits on the East coast and Midwest. I've heard some colorful stories about him from family members, but I remember him best when I was a college student visiting him in the 70's. Very interesting man with a larger than life personality.

There is a link below to a picture from an old newspaper in 1953.

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Q: I have a watercolor painting of a duck signed by Harold Brecht and would like information about him?
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