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I have a B Chipton painting also. I was trying to find the artist also. I would include a picture of the painting but wiki doesn't appear to be able to accept pictures.

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Q: I too have a beautiful landscape painting signed by B Chipton I can't find any info on the artist Can you help?
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Is there an artist by the name of b chipton?

I have a beautiful Landscape picture signed B Chipton does anyone know the artist? I do not know who posted the above, but, I have a signed landscape by B chipton also. I will post additional questions like does anyone know anything about the artist???

Who is Artist C.A. Richards and is there an Art gallery in Boston C and A Richards?

I have a painting, I bought at a goodwill, from an A. Richards, 1963 however, I have no clue who he is or where hes from or anything, the painting depicts a beautiful mountain landscape..

Is or was Marco Rubio a painting artist?

I have a beautiful painting he did in tallahassee.

What does Kent Dhu mean on a landscape painting?

That is the name of the artist. He was Scottish.

You are looking for the artist of a painting. It is a painting of 3 silver spheres flying in the sky over a landscape?

A painting by René Magritte.

Explain how a Chinese artist would go about painting a landscape picture?

The artist would look at a scene for a long time, while meditating on it. Then he would begin his painting.

Which artist is known for painting haunting images of the southwestern desert landscape?

Georgia O'Keeffe

What has the author Harold Blackmer Symes written?

Harold Blackmer Symes has written: 'An artist's approach to the monochromatic and spatial concepts of the early Chinese landscape painters' -- subject(s): Chinese Landscape painting, Landscape painting, Chinese

Who is artist A Fenti Pini you have a painting of a mother and a baby looking up at herit is beautiful but you can not seem to find out who the artist is?

A Fenti Pini is a famous artist.A Fenti Pini is the artist.

Is Petria Mitchell the artist of the landscape painting featured in Twilight the movie?

I am the artist that the question is referring to , and i went specifically to see the film to answer this question for myself ... and I can say that this is not a painting of mine, though the style has similarities ! cheers !

What technique does French Baroque artist Nicolas Poussin use in his painting Landscape with the Burial of Phocion?

Poussin arranges an idealized landscape with all of the elements carefully constructed.

Which region did the painting landscape with saint john on patmos come from?

The painting "Landscape with Saint John on Patmos" was created by the Dutch artist, Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Bruegel was active in the Netherlands during the Renaissance period, particularly in Antwerp and Brussels.