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proportion and perspective.

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Q: In On Painting Alberti claimed that a truly beautiful work must have both?
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Renrenaissance art focused on the importance of human beings and their place in the world largely because of the influence of?

Renaissance art expressed the philosophy of Neoplatonic thinking. Michelangelo's Sistine painting truly expresses this philosophy in his central figure of God reaching out to touch the hand of man. Until this time the church maintained that they were the only way to communicate with God.

Who was the artist who produced the first truly nonrepresentational work of art?

Kazimir Malevich

Is there a Drawing of the original design?

It truly depends on what 'original design' you are looking for. Most designers will keep their designs privately in a portfolio for only their most exclusive customers. Others you may be able to find online.

How did art in the Renaissance change our western world view today?

Today, many artists and composers are inspired by those from the Renaissance, thus giving them the inspiration to create masterpieces of their own. Also, when we look at Renaissance art, we are truly awed at the precise detail and perspective.

Sculptor firts to make freestanding sculptures in the nude?

The Greeks were the first to make truly free standing sculptures and i suppose you can say the Standing youth/Kouros is the oldest we've found (600 BCE) but then there are also Kroisos (kouros from Anaysos) from 525 BCE, (both of those have unknown artists), the Kritios boy from 480 BCE which is believed to be made my Athenian sculptor Kritios (480 BCE) . Polykleitos wrote his Canon where the head of the body is 1/7th its size and he made Doryphorous