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Sunday January 9, 2011 @ 11-4 at the holiday inn in amherst

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Q: Is there a starving artists sale in or near Buffalo NY?
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Where is the starving artists sale in or near Birmingham Alabama on January 9 Sunday 2011?

Its at the Hilton on Perimeter Park

When is the next starving artists sale in denver?


Where is the Starving Artists Sale in Columbia Missouri on January 9 2011?

It is at the Holiday Inn

When is the next starving artists sale in Atlanta or Duluth?

Sunday, January 9th from 11-4 at the Gwinnett Center.

Is there a starving artist sale near Montgomery in January 2012?

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Where is the Starving Artists sale in Richmond?

According to the commerical it's at the Crowne Plaza Hotel off of west broad street. Trying to find a website to verify it.

When is the next starving artists sale in Albany NY?

This Sunday at 2 of the areas Holiday Inns. One is by the airport in Ky and the other is in Fairfield.

Where can I go in Los Angeles, CA to find some original arts by original artists?

Centers for independent artists are available for perusal in the greater Los Angeles area. Check out the Center for Community Arts and Development on the west end, it has plenty of art for sale by starving artists year round.

Where is starving artist sale in Maryland?


When is the next starving artist art sale in Chattaooga TN?

The Starving Artist Art sale is being held this Sunday, January 9th , from 11am-4pm at the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Where is the starving artist sale at in saddle brook?

Saddlebrook Marriott.

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