Jimmy Pike the famous aboriginal artist?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Aboriginal jimmy pike lived in a bush camp on the edge of the great sandy desert of North Western Australia where he did his paintings. Dping art which became so well known he didnt move into a farm like most of his tribe 'walmajarri people' he stayed where he was rite upto the late 1950's! He spent most of his life as a no-body! for many years he made money carving and selling artifacts, it wasnt until 1981 that he was first introduced to Western style art!, he stayed in the same place until 2002 where he sadly passed away his art is in many gallerys!! == ==

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Q: Jimmy Pike the famous aboriginal artist?
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yes wally clarle perle is an aboriginal artsit but there isn't much info on him so why not try they'll have some! or try another artist!!!!!-----jimmy pike----

WHAT YEAR did jimmy pike die?

He died in 2002

What year was jimmy pike born?

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Why did jimmy pike die?

he probaly had cancer or a heart attack

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