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raised the statues of the artist (apex)

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Q: Look at Las Meninas by Diego Velasquez. The position of the artist in this painting?
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What is the position of the artist in Las Meninas by Diego Velasquez?

Raised the status of the artist

What is Diego velasquez know for?

He was a Spanish artist and court painter. His most famous painting is Las Meninas.

What characteristic best describes the painting style of Spanish Baroque artist Diego Velazquez as see in Las Meninas?

Velázquez involves the viewer by creating a convincing space and eye contact with the subjects in the painting.

How did the artist spell Velazquez on his paintings?

D D Velasquez

What compositional technique did the Spanish Baroque artist Diego Velรกzquez use in Las Meninas?

Hallelujah .!

How did the Spanish Baroque artist Diego Velรกzquez organize the figures in Las Meninas?

He used pyramid configuration.

How do you say artist in a sentence?

This is the artist's painting

Who was the Spanish artist who became a court painter and created a work of art known as Las Meninas?

Diego Velázquez

How do you find an artist to a painting by the paintings name?

Very often you can just google the name of the painting and find the artist. what if you don't have a title on your painting?

Is or was Marco Rubio a painting artist?

I have a beautiful painting he did in tallahassee.

When a painting by a living artist is sold at auction at for example Sotheby's does the artist get a cut?

Whoever owns the painting will 'get a cut' as you put it. If the artist owns the painting (not sold it off to someone else) then he will get paid.

What artist sign is painting that begin with the letter E?

the artist sign of painting that begin with letter E as in elephant

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