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There is no current artist with the last name Ivar. However, there's an artist with the first name Ivar. His whole name is Ivar Zeile.

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Q: The artist with the last name of IVAR?
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What has the author Ivar Kamke written?

Ivar Kamke has written: 'Kamke, a Nordic artist'

What is the birth name of Ivar Rosenblad?

Ivar Rosenblad's birth name is Roy-Ivar Rosenblad.

What is the birth name of Ivar Wahlgren?

Ivar Wahlgren's birth name is Ivar Hugo Wahlgren.

What is the birth name of Ivar Lindahl?

Ivar Lindahl's birth name is Ivar Vilhelm Teodor Lindahl.

What is the birth name of Ivar Lissner?

Ivar Lissner's birth name is Lissner, Ivar Arthur Nicolai.

What is the birth name of Ivar Bryce?

Ivar Bryce's birth name is Ivar Felix C. Bryce.

What is the scientific name for Ivar?

The scientific name for Ivar is "Seven"The people named Ivar usually like bears are interested in war history, are very special, nice and honest.The name Ivar comes from Noruega.There is one person named Ivar and he is famous he is a sport guy.

How can you find out which artist did your painting with only their last name signed.Their are more then one artist with the same last name?


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Actor, space traveller, yes. Artist?

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