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French Rococo

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Q: The attention to decoration shown in William Hogarth's paintings indicates that he was influenced by which artistic movement?
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Look at this painting by Rubens. Paintings of this type influenced the development of which movement?


Ask us anythingLook at this painting by Rubens. Paintings of this type influenced the development of which movement?


Did Vance Kirkland use dot painting because he was influenced by Australian aboriginal dot painting?

Vance Kirkland couldn't have been influenced by Aboriginal dot art. Kirkland actually starting painting his dot paintings seven years before the Aboriginal dot trend began.

How many paintings did Franklin Carmichael paint?

Franklin H. Carmichael was the youngest member of the Group of Seven. He was an accomplished watercolour painter, and heavily influenced by the other Group members' styles. Many of his paintings were of small towns in Ontario and often his rendition of clouds would be very striking. I am not sure but i think 7.

What were some influences in Pieter Bruegel's work?

Bruegel was influenced by French and Italian artists during his journeys in those two countries but actually kept more to his own style which was the late Gothic style of Hieronymus Bosch and paintings that are confusing and very complex, for example, 100 Proverbs which illustrates 100 proverbs. On the trips though he was mainly influenced by the landscapes, for example he made a lot of sketches of the Alps when he crossed them to get back to Antwerp. He was also influenced by his own master, Pieter Coecke van Aelst, that he had during his time in the painter's guild in Antwerp. Other than that, he was a very individual artist who got most of the ideas on his paintings from himself.As he lived in Antwerp and Brussels most of his life he probably got a lot of the landscapes and peasant paintings from that area.There was almost never an individual patron that he worked for, this is because he made paintings when he wanted to make paintings. And when he made paintings, they contained many people that he sketched from when he saw them or the people were in a landscape, where you don't really need people to pose for you.The relationship between him and his patrons would be that he is very interested in peasants and painting landscapes.