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Q: The major record labels rely on their A and R Artists and Repertoire staff to find new artists and bands?
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Which artistic role was fulfilled in Jahangir Receives a Cup from Khusrau?

To record and commemorate.

Important events occurred during Italian Renaissance?

usain bolt made the world record for 100m

How did Italian High Renaissance art reflect humanist thought of the time?

There was a sudden interest in the individual. Art of the Middle Ages was generally anonymous--the artist did not create the work for self-expression but to glorify God, and therefore did not sign the work nor create a record of doing it. In the Renaissance, on the other hand, artists became famous for their work, and even engaged in self-portraiture--Botticelli and Raphael and others even placed themselves in religious or allegorical scenes that they painted. There were also great changes in content. Medieval art only deals with Christianity or, occasionally, serves the purposes of wealthy nobility. Renaissance art celebrates individuals of the middle class; there are thousands of portraits of merchants, scholars, musicians, wives, and children. Humanism considers that people can solve difficulties on their own, without the help of God. Many non-Christian works in the Renaissance support such a philosophy, especially Raphael's "School of Athens". The naturalistic way of portraying the human body in the Renaissance--full anatomical accuracy, and frequently nude--is in stark contrast to the way that the Medieval artist abstracted the human body, in some cases making it seem as if their portraits and statues of saints have no body beneath their robes.

When were velvet drapes invented?

There is no record of when velvet drapes were invented. The material velvet was first used in the late 1300s and was traditionally associated with nobility.

Who invented hair styles?

There's no record of when hair styles were first invented because people have been styling their hair since before recorded history.

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The average money received when a Hip hop artist get at signed to a major record label?

Unfortunately, many artists sign with record labels and wind up OWING the labels money. That's why many artists start their own label.

Legal contracts guide the relationship between artists and record labels?


Do record labels rely on the a and r staff to find new artists and bands?


Why isn't Kerli on We7?

we7 only include artists from the 'biggest four' record labels. unless you want everyone to be licensed by sony i guess you should pester charts operators to include more 'smaller' and independent labels and artists, that way more sites like we7 will be encouraged to include other labels and artists.

Why did it take so long for Spotify to come to the US?

Working out payment arrangements with the artists/record labels.

What benefits do artists have when they record music?

what benefits do artists have when they record music

What does an a r do in the music industry?

A&R (Artists and repertoire) are the people at record companies who are responsible for discovering the talent, and looking over said artist's development.

why do music streaming services lie about artists insights and statistics and why do record labels take artists revenue?

So we can become more famous than others and show them that they're better than them and act like it's a whole competition but it isn't

What is the difference between a Major record label and an Independent record label?

Major - is a branche of some big record label. Independent - nor depend to any labels.. A major record label is like Capital, Universal, MCA, BMG, etc. which have a gross earnings amount. They also pay strict attention to the bottom line earnings vs. the talent. They have the set machinery in place to take product from concept to sales returns faster. Some labels don't have time to spend with the new artists or the long term artists since there amount of contracted artists are higher than an independent. Many talents who have been with a Major for many years after a certain decline in sales contracts are canceled. Some artists knowing this fact these days have started their own labels like Toby Keith, Garth Brooks, etc. The years of the Independent smaller labels has arrived in the years of 2000 because of the exposure of the internet and the talent's discovery that music has no time limited or age if it is good. Independent record labels have a limited staff but also more time to spend with each artist as their profit is based on the artists job of selling product.

What kind of company is Metal Blade Records?

Metal Blade Record is a well known recording company or record labels that was founded in 1982. It was founded by Brian Slagel and has signed a whole lot artists.

How do singers make money off their album?

From the sale of there CD's.... (not from illegal downloads.. lol ) Who ever said that is an idiot. Recording artists on major record labels usually make 10% and sometimes 15% of the retail sale price of their album. Sometimes a certain percent of that will be given to the producer of the record. The record label then takes 85 to 90% of each product sold, the label will then recoup the cost of the recording and production cost which they front to the artist. Artists on independent record labels can receive as much as 50% of the product sold at retail price. It isn't uncommon for artists to go into debt to their record label. CDs basically give the artist exposure and is not a revenue source. Artists make most of their money from touring and merchandise which the record label typically isn't involved.

What is Simon cowell's occupation?

Artists and repertoire (A&R) executive Television producer Television personality Owner of Syco Music/TV