Was El Greco a Dutch painter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, he was a Greek painter working in Spain.

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Q: Was El Greco a Dutch painter?
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What el greco means in spanish?

El Greco is a famous Greek-Spanish painter, meaning "The Greek"

What did El Greco paint about in his paintings?

El Greco was not a Renaissance painter. He is an example of Mannerism, which came after the Renaissance and opposed most of what the Renaissance painters had stood for.

This painter of Francis of Ecstasy was born in Crete?

El Greco

Who was the cretan- spanish painter who died in 1614?

El Greco

Which painter was considered the greatest painter active in Spain during the late 16th century?

El Greco

Did El Greco have any kids?

El Greco had one son, Jorge Manuel, who assisted his father, and later became a painter in his own right.

Why the spaces in the words written in the poem El Greco?

El Greco was the name of a famous painter who worked in Spain. The name is Spanish for "the Greek" (= 2 words!)

What is El Greco's talents?

El Greco was a Spanish Painter who painted in the late 16th and early 17th century. He was born in Crete and moved to Venice and Rome before settling in Toledo, Spain.

What is el grekos real name?

The real name of El Greco was Domenikos Theotokopolous. He was an architect, painter and scuptor during the Spanish Renaissance. El Greco was given to him as a nickname because it translated to "the Greek." .

Where in Greece was the painter El Greco born?

El Greco was born in Crete, and named Kyriakos Theotokopoulos, (c. 1541-1614). He emigrated to Italy as a youth. El Greco left Italy for Spain in 1577, and spent the rest of his life in Toledo. Known for his elongated figures, strong sense of movement and his use of light, he is considered to be a Spanish painter.

What does el greco mean in English?

The Greek. It's also the name of a famous Spanish painter.

Who is s greco artist?

El Greco was an artist, painter, sculpture, and architect that was born in 1541. He was known for his dramatic style and for incorporating architecture into his paintings.