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No wife is mentioned in his bio.

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Q: Was Marc-Aurele Fortin married and when?
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What is the birth name of Adam Fortin?

Adam Fortin's birth name is Adam Aurele Fortin.

What is the birth name of Roman Fortin?

Roman Fortin's birth name is Roman Brian Fortin.

What is the birth name of Tyler Fortin?

Tyler Fortin's birth name is Jonathan Tyler Fortin.

When was Thomas Fortin born?

Thomas Fortin was born in 1853.

When was Ernest Fortin born?

Ernest Fortin was born in 1923.

When did Ernest Fortin die?

Ernest Fortin died in 2002.

When was Ray Fortin born?

Ray Fortin was born in 1941.

When was Richard Fortin born?

Richard Fortin was born in 1941.

What is Point Fortin's population?

Point Fortin's population is 19,056.

How tall is Adam Fortin?

Adam Fortin is 6' 5".

How tall is Danyel Fortin?

Danyel Fortin is 5' 7".

How tall is Roman Fortin?

Roman Fortin is 6' 5".