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Jan van Eyck.

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Q: What 15th century Flemish Renaissance painter was considered one of Europe's best?
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What is the style of 15th century Netherlandish art?

Some call it Flemish Renaissance, others Late Gothic.

What Group of painters who perfected the technique of oil painting on canvas?

The first were the Flemish Renaissance painters in the first half of the 15th century.

Where did began renaissance?

Florence, Italy is considered to be where the Renaissance began in the early 15th century. There is a period in Italian art classified as the proto-Renaissance, from late in the 13th c. through the 14th.

How did the Italian Renaissance differ from the Renaissance of the 12Th century?

The 14th-17th century Renaissance was a cultural movement. The 12th century Renaissance was more of a political and economic movement

The Renaissance started in what country?

The Renaissance began in Italy in the 14h Century AD.

When the Renaissance begin?

the renaissance began in the 14th century and ended in the 17th century

What has the author Thomas W Muchall-Viebrook written?

Thomas W. Muchall-Viebrook has written: 'Flemish drawings of the seventeenth century' -- subject(s): Drawing, Flemish, Flemish Drawing

What is considered the Renaissance Man and who most epitomized this type of person during the fifteenth century in Florence Italy?

The 'Renaissance Man' was a man who participated in all forms of intellectual pursuit, from art, to science, to invention, and everything else. Leonardo DaVinci is considered the perfect Renaissance man.

What century was the renaissance?

14th - 17th century

Who was the 15th century Flemish artist who painted St Ursula?

Hans Memling

Did Claude Monet live during the Renaissance?

No, the Renaissance was 15th century. Monet lived in the 19th century.

What is the Renaissance period?

The renaissance was a cultural movement in European history. This was during the 14th century, through the 17th century.