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Call the police, but if you are O.J. Simpson, kill them, or join them...

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Q: What Should you do if you see people doing graffiti?
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Why does graffiti happen?

Graffiti is popular because as u could see it everywhere New York most popular like California and plus graffiti is not a crime it art and people want to show other people their art that why graffiti is popular.

Were did graffiti originate from?

some people say that graffiti originated from Germany if you go on Google and type in the question you will see it.

What is graffiti?

Graffiti is a type of drawing that you find mostly outside. Graffiti is illegal and i recommend that you do not do graffiti. Sometimes you may see people do graffiti but they have a permit to do it and they are getting paid for it

How do you use graffiti in a sentence?

I see a lot of graffiti on the freeway walls.

Can dead people see what you are doing?

No one knows for sure if dead people can see what you are doing. Some people believe that people with unfinished business become ghosts and can see what you are doing.

When should you use your headlights?

1. So other people see you 2. So you can see 3. Its cool, everyone is doing it ;)

Is graffiti a sin?

A:Graffiti is damage to another person's property. This is in many ways equivalent to theft because the graffitist appropriates the use that property for his own selfish purpose. Understood like this, you should be able to see that there is little to distingusih between graffiti and theft. So, if you regard theft as a sin, you should also regard unauthorised graffiti as a sin.

Can you do what ever you graffiti you like in melbournesc graffiti lanes?

The permit process for Melbourne allows graffiti, not tagging. See the link below for the city's press release on the subject.

How do you get a graffiti permit?

For the city of Melbourne, see the link below for their press release relating to the permit for graffiti (not tagging).

What are similarities between prehistoric cave art and modern graffiti?

Graffiti is a way of expression. Graffiti is street art made by someone that usually has an Alias fo graffiti and the writer pictures what he wants to express on walls. Prehistoric cave art were pictures of huntings and actions of mankind. Graffiti is much more creative and includes someones personal view of the world, is the key to find respect in people that ignore what people are able to do and create. Not all is fame, is for the satisfaction of the hard work when you see its finished.

Internet boon or curse?

Definately a Curse! I see more people doing wrong with the technology than people using it for information as they should be!

Should people look up to Selena Gomez?

She's just a teenager and not doing anything important, so I don't see why anyone should.