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Paul Klee.

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Q: What Swiss artist was an illustrator at the bauhaus art institute in Germany?
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Who is artist okreno?

When i was stationed in germany in 1959-62 i saw paintings by this artist okreno in oberamgrgau germany. I have two of his works one of oberamergau and the other of a moonk in a wine cellar. Both are excellent. He apparently was origionally from czeckoslavia and escaped and settled in oberamergau region of germany. His work was exceptional but obviously never achieved the recognition it deserved.

Name of an artist from Germany is?

Albrecht Dürer 1500s CD Friedrich 1800s Gerhard Richter contemporary.

Who is Mary Engelbreit Mikayla?

Mary Engelbreit Mikayla is a graphic artist and children's book illustrator. She became famous for creating greeting cards, paper dolls and dolls. Today she has a multi-million dollar company which sells all of her products.

Who is W. S. Chiang I have a painting by this Artist and know nothing about himher Thanks Shaz?

He is from Shanghai and a graduate of the National Art Institute of China. His art started to gain popularity in the United States in the 1970's.

When did Blaine DeMille started to paint?

I phoned him and asked him. He has been painting and drawing all of his life but he has been a full time artist since about 1980. He is located here in Utah and has produced several one man gallery shows. In my opinion he is an amazing artist that really captures the beauty the Utah's nature provides. I have known Blaine since Junior High school in Murray, UT. He was an amazing illustrator then specializing in Mad Magazine characters. He did the complete artwork for the 1964 Murray High School year book which has a wide array of style and illustrations. Since then his art has really taken off. He is a dedicated, outstanding artist.

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Swiss artist was an illustrator at the Bauhaus art institute in Germany he was proud to critics and considered his work some what primitive?


How do you spell illistraster?

The correct spelling is illustrator (artist).

What are the key features of Bauhaus?

Like where the artist is from and so on

What occupation is similar to an artist?

Graphic Designer, Book Illustrator, and Cartoon Artist

Who is Emile F Henriquez?

A graphic artist and illustrator

What do you call the people who draw pictures in a book?

A person who draws or creates pictures for magazines, books, advertising, etc is called an illustrator and they do graphic design.

How many artists were included in the Bauhaus design movement?

Walter Gropius, Johannes Itten, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Josef Albers and Herbert Baye were the main artist in the Bauhaus design movement.

What artist started his career as an illustrator for Harper's weekly?

Winslow Homer.

What is the yearly average salary for an artist?

It depends on the artist's field. Photographer, painter, sculptor, illustrator? Advertising? Freelance or not?

What do you call a person who draws pictures for story books?

The person is simply called the illustrator. Seeing as though they illustrate a book, it's pretty simple to remember. Hope this helps:)

Who was Jose Guadelupe Posada?

Jose Guadelupe Posada was a Mexican artist and cartoonist illustrator.

When did Elizabeth Murray - artist - die?

Elizabeth Murray - artist - died on 2007-08-12.