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Artistic Effects

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Q: What are formats that make pictures look more like sketches or paintings?
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What techniques did Van Eyck use?

Mediums, like oil paintings and naturalistic panel pictures.

What is a convention Chinese artist Shen Zhou used in his brush paintings?

Shen Zhou painted figures with different colored ink to show their importance. Zhou was known to follow the Southern Song tradition which was to use monochrome ink for fruits, flowers, and vegetables.

Why was drawing invented?

Drawing is not an invention. Before the alphabet was created, people sometimes use drawings as characters in order to communicate with one another. In Chinese history, people used simple sketches as Chinese characters. So, the Chinese characters seen nowadays are like pictures and is easy to recognise, unlike long ago, which is rather messy.

Who is C Carson the artist?

C. Carson is Actually Japanise, I met him in about 1989. We purchased our art at a "art party" like you would purchase Tuperware. We took a couple of paintings out to Jameson Galleries in Redlands, Ca. I believe, And had him sign them ( he would sign in Japanise only). He did not speak english. He paints himself into some of his paintings portraing himself as American. Like Hargrove, in the 80's they painted in the Norman Rockwell Style. Kids playing, old cars, and old country settings. ( I own aboubt 20 Lithographs) some limiteds from both Carson and Hargrove. My search for C. Carson is what brought me here. Hope this helps a little! C. Carson is a Korean artist who has been living in the U.S. for almost 20 years, currently in Roselle, IL. Many of his paintings were sold in the late 1980s and the early 1990s (which include the limited editions) although he has painted some more since then. Here are several pictures I've been able to find which represent his various styles of paintings. I've thrown these pictures together onto a website (it may take 30 seconds or so to load up the pictures):

What was the subject of Rene Magritte's paintings?

because painting is super fun just like in the ancient

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What does the symbol mean on the display of my 2000 Corvette that looks like a camcorder. It appears next to the number 3 on the display panel.?

symbols in pictures or paintings symbols in pictures or paintings

Why was it so important to use pictures in the 11th century?

The only pictures in the 11 th century were paintings. The camera wasn't invented until 1830. Paintings showed what people looked like and what they saw.

What do Claude Monet's pictures look like?

Claude Monets paintings show a lot of strong feelings and emotion. His paintings also have a lot of impressionilism.

What techniques did Van Eyck use?

Mediums, like oil paintings and naturalistic panel pictures.

How do say I like your pictures ' in the Brazilian language?

Gosto de suas fotos, quadros, pinturas.I like your photos (or paintings)

Where can one purchase famous wall pictures?

Famous wall pictures can be purchased from a variety of sellers. Sites like GreatBigCanvas offer wall pictures for sale, in addition to more famous paintings.

What did Edgar Degas look like?

Check out the related links for some paintings and pictures of the painter Edgar Degas.

What is the similarity of china and Japan's scroll paintings?

Both the scroll paintings have less naturalism and more objectivism. These paintings do not depict or try to be closer to realism, infact they are made using ink colors with black or darker outlines. The color scheme is very subtle, cold colors are used. They are more like comic strip sketches.

Why was ls lowry famous for his paintings?

as he painted figures that looked like matchstick men. he also drew pictures of landscapes and cotton mills

What is a convention that Chinese artists used in paintings?

Shen Zhou makes his paintings look like sketches in monochrome

Pictures sketches illustration and photographs may be used to teach geography because?

Because they show what the land features look like in real life and lets them more easily be recognized.

How much are Roy lichtensteins paintings worth?

In order to give you an accurate value I would need to see pictures of the Lichtenstein paintings that you would like values on. I also would need the dimension of such paintings. Values would be based on age, size, subject matter, quality and condition of the paintings. please send photos of the Lichtenstein paintings to Thank you Russell