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A major painting from Caesar Legaspi was the "Man and Women" which was painted in 1945. In 1947, "Gadgets" was also a major work.

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Q: What are the paintings of Cesar Legaspi?
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When did Cesar Legaspi die?

Cesar Legaspi died in 1994.

Who is Cesar F Legaspi?

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Who filipino painter paint slum dwellers?

Cesar Legaspi

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Life and works of Cesar Legaspi?

Cesar Legaspi (1917-1994) was a Filipino modern artist who was one of the National Artists of the Philippines in 1990 in painting. He was also an illustrator and artistic director. As one of the Thirteen Moderns and among the first Neo-Realists, Legaspi was an influential painter who refined Philippine cubism. His social realist works depicting the sufferings of urban beggars and laborers were presented in a distinctive expressionistic style that made use of geometric fragmentation to create a powerfully disturbing mood. His striking works not only helped usher in modern art but contributed to its eventual acceptance. His works include Man and Woman (alternatively known as Beggars), Gadgets and Procession. Critics further described that Legaspi "reconstituted" in his paintings "cubism's unfeeling, geometric ordering of figures into a social expressionism rendered by interacting forms filled with rhythmic movement.

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