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The uses of the artwork are for the expression of thoughts, the ideas people have & photos. These unique artwork are for fun activities to be complete with kids, youth & adults.

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Q: What are the uses of the artwork people have?
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What are the uses of the cow foot leaves?

There are many uses of the cow foot. These uses range from practical tools to the display of hoof artwork.

What are the three uses of pottery?

eating, artwork, and fire pit to cook food

What does artist Christian boltanski try to do with his work?

He uses photos alot in his artwork and often tends to collage them. he uses light alot in his artwork to enhance the photographic element, to give off a glowing effect, to give a border to the artwork, or to create shadows that can print 3D objects from different angles on to a 2D white background.

What are two uses of illustrator?

creating vector graphics. create infographics, trace artwork

What is a subjective frame?

A frame where the arist uses personal symbols in their artwork and alot of emotion

What uses a beam of light to create a digital image from artwork such as photos and drawings?

laser printer

What uses a beam of light to create a digital image form artwork such as photos and drawings?


What artists use shape?

You cannot make an artwork totally shapeless! Everybody uses shape.

What technique does ana labastida use in her work?

She actually uses dead bugs and insects for her artwork

How does the Islamic principle Unity in multiplicity relate to your artwork?

Golly, I didn't know you had seen any of my artwork. But I suspect the question is about your artwork, not mine, and only people who have seen your artwork can answer this. Which means nobody except you and others in your art class.

Ancient culture of people who were famous for their artwork?

The : Aryans

How do you price your artwork?

You see how much people will pay for it.