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modernism. pretty much everything you need to know is on the wikipedia page-

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Q: What art style influenced Grace Cossington?
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How did Grace Cossington Smith influence the art world?

she influenced by European modernism, post-impressionists and the work of Cezanne and Van Gough

What is the style of art that emphasized grace charm and elegance?

Rococo style

What style of Asian art was most influenced by European culture?

gandhara style

What historic art style has influenced David Hockney?


What twentieth century art movement was influenced by his style of painting and how?


What is Roy Lichenstein style of art called?

Roy Lichenstein's style of art is called American Pop Art because it was so heavily influenced by advertising and comic book art.

Which artists and what art movement influenced rococo art movement style and who did they in turn influence?

Nicolas Poussin

What does master of orotory mean?

the art of speaking in public with style, cogency, and grace.

Historically who originally influenced the style and trends of art furniture and fashion?

upper class

What is the style of Avatar?

Avatar art is based on Japanese cartoons, but also is influenced by American cartoons.

Which major art style was influenced by Freud?

Surrealism was a major art style influenced by Freud, particularly his theories on the unconscious mind and dream interpretation. Artists such as Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte incorporated these ideas into their work, creating dreamlike and surreal imagery.

Was the statue of liberty influenced by roman art?

The Statue of Liberty was made in the Neoclassical style. This style was modelled on Roman sculpture and Roman architecture.