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Paul Cézanne

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Q: What artist is a native of Aix-en-Provence?
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What is the native country of the artist Rembrandt?

The Netherlands.

Who is the female Native American artist who does self portraits?


When did El Greco decide to become an artist?

Very early in his native Crete.

Dominican artist Clara Ledesma often painted scenes of?

her native country

Which American artist is best known for his portraits of Native Americans?

George catlin

Is shaggy 2 dope Native American?

No however another artist, AnyBody Killer (ABK) is. He is the first Native American of PsychoPathic Records.

What native country is the artist Rembrandt from and what is the capital?

Rembrandt was Dutch. The capital of Holland is Amsterdam.

Which artist painted scenes of the daily life of Native Americans?

Probably Kobe Bryant lol

What british Columbia artist became famous for her paintings of northwest coast Indian life?

Emily Carr is a famous British Columbia artist who portrayed Native American life, focusing on the Totem poles.

What style of art did maria martinez perform?

Maria Montoya Martinez was a Native American pottery artist of worldwide fame.

What does DJN stamped in a silver bracelet stand for?

"DJN" are initials of the craftsman/jewelry maker, likely a Native American artist.

Who was Maria Martinez?

Maria Montoya Martinez (1887 - July 20, 1980) was a Native American pottery artist of worldwide fame.