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Charles Demuth and Jasper Johns to name a few.

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Q: What artists use numbers as a basis for their works?
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How has copyright inhibited artists?

Copyright can be frustrating for "remix" artists--people who use others' existing works as a basis for their own works. If you're a songwriter, you can't set someone's poem to music without their permission, you can't use someone's artwork for your album cover without a license, and so on. On the other hand, your work is protected as well.

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How do you use the word artists in a sentence?

Authors are artists with words.Artists are inspirational people.

Why do artists use symbolism in their work?

Because it makes the works more interesting. ^ F*ck off .

The use of what new technique helped artists create more lifelike 3D works?

Perspective drawing.

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Byzantine artists were the first Western artists to?

Byzantine artists were the first Western artists to develop the use of abstraction.

Do manga artists use a basic skeleton?

Not really because sometimes they use numbers or shapes for the body of manga Ijust know they dont use basic skeleton [ this is only my opinion}

How does Rhapsody protect intellectual property?

Rhapsody works with the performing rights societies to ensure songwriters and artists are appropriately compensated for use of their intellectual property.

What artists use layers in their art?

Name some artists that use layering and text in their artwork?

Artists use this technique to direct the viewer's eye?

Artists use location to direct the viewer's eye.

What is the importance of artists' copyright in oral art forms and written compositions?

Copyright is crucial for artists in oral art forms and written compositions as it grants them exclusive rights to their creative works. It ensures that artists have control over how their works are used, reproduced, and distributed, allowing them to financially benefit from their creations. Copyright also protects artists from unauthorized use or plagiarism, preserving the integrity and originality of their artistic expressions.