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what colours did manet used in his painting

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Q: What colors did edouard manet use in his paintings?
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What materials did Edouard Manet use in his artwork?

Impressionists typically use water colors. You should go to your local hobby store and inquire about paints, techniques (they can refer you to some good books), and brushes. Hobby stores usually have local artist working there and they are happy to support your quest to become an impressionist painter.

What style of painting did Edward Manet use?

Edouard Manet is known as an impressionist, though he did not personally consider himself as one, he painted 'en plein air', in other words outside. in comparison to works of the old masters at that time his paintings were considered sketches almost, capturing a moment in time.

What colours did l.s lowry use in his paintings?

Lots of different colors

Did chardin and rothko use naturalistic colors?

yes they did use natural color in their paintings

What kind of colors did Van Gogh use in his paintings?

He used strong colours

What colors did Georges Seurat use?

Oil paint for paintings, coal for drawings.

What rococo characteristics did French artist Jean Antoine watteau use in his paintings?

coulerfull colors

Who was the French painter who told van Gogh to use more colorful colors in his paintings?

It was Camille Pissarro.

What colors do Raphael Sanzio use?

i have been looking at all of raphael's paintings and the most occurring color is brown. :/

How can one use ink colors to create fine paintings?

Any way you want. That's the joy of Art!

Which artist apply colors in small brushstrokes making their paintings lievly depictions when seen from a distance?

The impressionists use small brush strokes to make their paintings lively from a distance.

What paint did Monet use for his paintings of water lilies?

He made hundreds of water lilies paintings, in all colors and shades.