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Abstract Expressionists

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Q: What day recently did Sotheby's advertise in the NY Times with a reproduction of a Mark Rothko painting?
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Who is the artist with the initials MEM?

I recently purchased an oil Painting dated 1979 of the Fountain in Lake Eola Park in Orlando Florida with surrounding buildings of Orlando with the initials of the artist M.E.M. any information on this

Was Diego Rivera's first painting great?

His 'Detroit Industry' frescoes were controversial at the time they were done. The scale and figures were something not recently seen. His work quickly achieved fame, and that is the most that can be said about his work being great.

Who is the artist w sopia?

A painter who did beautiful ornate oil paintings of ships sailing the high seas. Typically the paintings will have waves with white caps and seagulls. I have been having a lot of difficulty finding information about the artist, however, I recently found an estimate for a 60 cm x 90 cm painting with one ship for 700-900 euro. I acquired a painting of the same size but it has 2 ships in it. I am thinking about getting it appraised.

Who sculpted the statue on the fountain in Place Lafayette Angers France?

The statue which is the centrepiece of the fountain on Place Lafayette, Angers in France was sculpted by Gualtiero Busato. The running figure holds a piece of writing in his right hand - he is a messenger bringing news of great importance. He is the messenger of war. Around the base of the fountain are other pieces of writing, extracts from Shakespeare, Baudelaire and other great writers. The figure is the subject of a collage/painting by Kate Gritton which was recently exhibited in Angers. The painting, entitled 'The Messenger' combines collage with oil painting in a semi-abstract work full of tension and drama.

Who is the famous person that won a race recently?

Usain Bolt

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I own that painting. Original oil recently acquired.

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Is there a movie about Rembrandt?

Yes, and recently two movies about his painting the "Night Watch".

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Where is Pablo Picasso's hand with bouquet painting?

At Sotheby's auction house, unless it has been sold recently.

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it is a painting of an older clown with war stripes on his left chest

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Commercial painting services usually take on a variety of different painting projects. These projects include warehouses, office buildings, transportation facilities, and even the responsibility of refinishing ceilings, walls, and flooring.

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Do you have a color painting and what is the dimension?

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What are the benefits of painting a photo?

I recently got one of my photo painted by an artist at portraits on demand. They painted the painting very beautifully. According to me it can be the best gifting idea, again it adds a touch of elegance to your home interior.