What do graffiti artists use?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Majority use spray paint from various brands. However a graffiti artist can use anything at their disposal from pencils,acrylic paint, and glass etching.

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Q: What do graffiti artists use?
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What elements of art do graffiti artists use?

color and composition are a couple

How artists are associated with Graffiti?

i have got no idea another answer: because graffiti is considered art work or do yu mean musical artists? if you mean tht its just people graffiti their favorite artists

Who is the patron saint of graffiti artists?

There is no particular patron saint of graffiti 'artists.' However, the patrons of artists are:Catherine of BolognaFra AngelicoLuke the EvangelistMichael the Archangel

Who is the graffiti artist who uses bold lines?

It's safe to say that all graffiti artists use bold lines. Bold lines and bright colors are some of the defining characteristics of graffiti, especially graffiti letters. Artists like Phetus, Cope2, Keith Harring, Lee Quinones, Indie184, Ewok, Saber, Such, the list goes on and on as to who uses bold lines.

Are there any famous graffiti artists in the UK?


What are graffiti artists clothes called?

dont trip

What are graffiti markers used for?

Graffiti markers are markers that graffiti artists use to complete their street art. There are several different types of graffiti markers, and each has it's own purpose. There are paint markers, ink markers, squeeze markers, industrial markers, and empty markers.

Are there any people famous graffiti artists?

Yes there are. Some famous graffiti artists are Lee Quinones, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cope2, Phetus, Indie184, Such, Banksy, and Kaws are some of the most well-known artists.

What do the graffiti letters TEMOK and MOAB mean?

Sounds like you live in the New Haven area. They are graffiti artists in the providence.

How does graffiti operate?

Most commonly graffiti is somebody's nickname like "T-Kid", or the initials of a group that graffiti writers make up, like "UA" (United Artists).

How much training and school do you need to be a graffiti artist?

None at all. Most graffiti artists are gangsters and drop-outs of high-school

What kind of RV has an on the side?

the one that has an written on the side of it by some graffiti artists